Karen Thibodeau

I Do, I Do, in Delhi

Two years ago Karen traveled to India to join in the wedding of a college classmate of forty-three years ago.   His son’s spectacular inspired her to write and perform “I Do, I Do in Delhi” (or how to survive an Indian wedding.)  This show has toured for the past year, playing in different venues in New York and New Mexico, bringing a number of audiences transcendence to India.




“I DO, I DO IN DELHI (or how to survive an Indian wedding)”

SUMMARY:  Divorced American yoga teacher lands in the midst of an Indian wedding marathon, facing Indian fashionistas, an attach Dachsund, earthquake, sudden violent illness.  How will she survive?


Concerning Ms. Thibodeau’s performing---

“Very engaging. . .well worth seeing.  The acting is of a high standard and you won’t see anything else quite like it. . . . . .on the Fringe this year.”  Fringe Review, Expiration Date, Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


In praise of “I Do, I Do in Delhi”


“. . . .an exceptional insight into a cultural  world with wonderfully eccentric characters.”

Cheryl King, Director        Stage Left Studio, New York


“. . . .delighted audiences. . . .solo pieces based on intensive experiences in India. . . .Thibodeau portrays eight different characters in performance.”   Tempo, Taos, New Mexico


“Karen has a gift for taking you to exotic places. It’s a beautiful and intriguing journey.”

Cheryl King, Stage Left Studio, New York


“. . . .total fun. . . .”  Indianapolis Fringe Festival


Thibodeau “. . . plays multiple characters in this Bollywood-tinged solo show, among them bossy Indian men. . .the bride and groom. . . .a gifted writer and comedian (she) provided lots of laughs and moments of inspiration. . . .”   tconline. New York