Karen Thibodeau

Taos Children's Theatre

It is our vision to offer the young people of Taos, as well as surrounding areas, the opportunity to immerse in theatrical experiences in professional, nurturing settings, supported by inspirational instruction.  We also endeavor to perpetuate the literature of childhood by mounting myths, classics, and folktales as theatrical presentations.  

The program has grown from presentations of ten-minute plays to staging of full-fledged productions, performed either in the Taos Community Auditorium or other appropriate facilities.  An important aspect of the program is the mentoring relationships between mature performers and the young actors.  This provides a rich exchange of experience and encourages the forming of a nurturing theatre family.  

The program serves over thirteen public and private schools, often offering six productions to local and outlying communities.  Plays are produced with multi-age range casts, including senior citizens.  With a strong emphasis on dance, in the course of rehearsals students learn improvisation, characterization, vocal development, mime, stage combat and more.  Previous TCT actors are now enrolled or graduating from  schools which include Tisch School of Drama (NYU), California Institute of the Arts, and Universityof Southern California.  A number of college students return to perform or act as mentors in the summer program.  TCT frequently offers scholarships for those in need, endeavoring to make theatre possible for all who dream.  TCT also conducts extensive auditions  throughout  the community.  Teachers frequently have brought their students to productions, as well as recommending students to the program.  All TCT productions are aired on local cablevision, bringing young stars in touch with a wider audience.  It is TCT’s hope to fulfill the vision of all those who dream of stepping into the light of theatre, and to make to tangible.  




Karen Thibodeau began dancing in the living room for her parents at the age of four.   Now as project director for Taos Children’s Theatre (TCT) since 1988, brings a wealth of experience and the thrill of her early enchantment with the stage.  She has directed numerous productions for TCT, acting as producer as well.  She has also designed imaginative sets for TCT incorporating recycled materials. She has opened the project to a number of Taos artists who have consistently created inspired props, puppets, costumes, lighting and music.   She has invited a number of adult performers into the program who have become mentors for the young actors.  She holds a BA in Theatre Arts from California Western University and an elementary teacher’s credential.  Her work in creating theatre with children has been praised by parents, teachers and administrators, and is valued throughout the community.  

Ms. Thibodeau has worked for years as an artist-in-residence in New Mexico, Hawaii and New York, instructing in storytelling and puppetry.  Currently she teaches and performs at West Side Family Preschool in New York.  She is also a certified yoga instructor from Integral Yoga Institute (NYC).

Artists and Actors Who Have Worked With TCT:  Maye Torres, Olga Baigas, Timothy Nero, Linda Jaspar Vogel, Bill Traetta, Steve Moser, John Flaherty, Christopher Heron Shaw, Nakesha Breeze, Cynthia Straus,


“Snow White & Rose Red”  Adapted from Grimm’s fairy tales, it is the story of two sisters and the great bear who befriends them one winter.  In spring he vanishes.  The girls have to confront and break the spell of nasty dwarves before he reveals himself to be the prince he truly is.


“The Frog Princess”  This Russian folk tale depicts the journey of the youngest prince who marries a frog.  Amazed by the magical feats she accomplishes in her princess form, the prince decides to burn her frog skin.  She disappears, and he has to search all of nature to find her once again.  



Snow White Pau 127 (Small)